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Knee Joint Relief Plasters – FancyBerrie


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🦵Your Everyday Joint Pain Relief 🤩


Are you feeling discomforts in your knees that you can’t relieve with a simple massage? Get that deep-seated pain out of your joints in minutes with our Knee Joint Pain Relief Patches!

The self-heating patches deeply penetrate your tissues and muscles to relieve agonising pain! Enjoy a relaxing time at home with more flexibility and decrease pains and stiffness in an instant.


Studies show that athletes have 85% higher risk in diagnosing arthritis. 50% of reported arthritis cases are of people aged 65 or older. Untreated arthritis may cause permanent joint deformity


  • SELF-HEATING FABRIC PATCHThe self-heating patches¬†provide warmth for¬†your knees that could last up to 12 hours,¬†facilitating¬†blood circulation to release muscle tension
  • INSTANT PAIN RELIEFThe warmth is not just skin-deep. It is a fast reliever that¬†penetrates¬†your stiff and aching muscles, relieving every pain in your knee area
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTSMade of various herbs such as saffron¬†and wormwood roots¬†that¬†effectively treat muscle pain and cartilage¬†damage, the patch is a natural reliever that is safe and free of side effects
    • Wormwood roots: Commonly used to treat inflammation, it is powerful in relieving pain and swelling caused by arthritis
    • Saffron: Provides high level of antioxidants that promote health of cartilages and bones
    • Notoginseng: Significantly promotes blood circulation that is suitable for post-natal women
    • Dried ginger: Anti-inflammatory that effectively prevents cancers and reduces soreness.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGNDesigned in a deep U shape, the patch allows you to move naturally without trouble. Seamless, non-greasy and breathable so you can use it underneath your clothing all day without anyone noticing it nor feeling stuffy


  • Color: Beige
  • Shelf life: 24 months Ôªø

Package includes:

  • 12 x ÔªøKnee Joint Pain Relief Patches


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