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Comfybear™Transforming USB Flash Drive – ComfyBear


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  • If you’re a fan of the Transformer movies, or just happen to like odd unique and quirky gadgets, this thing must be for you. 

  • Make the Transforming USB Flash Drive the perfect addition to your otherwise mundane and sad desk at your office.
  • A USB flash memory stick that transforms from a normal, nonchalant, average looking flash drive to an extreme killing cougar leopard type lion cat machine guy thingthat’s extreme, and awesome to the max.


  • 1. USB removable storage disk, no need to drive, plug and play, no power, easy to use

  • 2. With no drive, encryption and start three in one product

  • 3. The latest and most stable master chip, imported FLASH

  • 4. Small size, light weight, large capacity and lightweight portable

  • 5. Data storage is particularly safe, with anti-seismic, anti-magnetic, moisture-proof features, but also to prevent the boot zone virus

  • 6. Read and write speed, long service life

  • 7. Very useful hardware encryption and write protection (U disk can be partitioned encryption), but also supports USB boot

  • 8. Repeatedly erase more than 1 million times, data protection is valid for up to 10 years.

The following features are available:
1, U disk pre-stored a company website URL, with any U disk of any function, when the U disk into the computer’s USB interface, the computer will immediately enter the site URL
2, insert the U disk to the computer, first play a piece of advertising pictures, Falsh, e-magazines, slides, video data, text scrolling ads, or website URL (you can set their own off time, such as set 10 seconds only show off New, then the user to watch 10 seconds before the manual shutdown). And text scroll advertising content, you can display the latest promotions or special product information
3, the document file can only be browsed can not be saved to the U disk, can not screenshot
4, the video file can only see can not save to the U disk outside the place
5, learning software, EXE type of file can only run can not be copied to other disk, anti-format, anti-copy, you can copy the file to the customer
6, ID card Ukey, U Dayton U disk with the function of the dongle. 

Use U disk tips:
1: This product is in use, please ensure that the computer is not infected with the virus, or may destroy the U disk built-in procedures
2: in the absence of the necessary circumstances, please do not directly pull out the computer, to safely remove the USB and then pull out the U disk, or will affect the U disk life
3: important documents please keep a good backup, please do not cut to transfer files, it is best to use the copy “to develop a good habit of data backup”
4: Data loss may be caused by sudden power failure, power supply instability, human normal insertion, mistakenly deleted, mistakenly formatted, virus damage, static damage, encryption and permissions, firmware upgrades, electromagnetic interference, etc. Wait.


  • Capacity: 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB

  • Color: Black

  • Size: As shown

  • Packet: 1* Transforming USB Flash Drive

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