Comfybear™ Waist Twisting Disc Balance Board - ComfyBear


Comfybear™ Waist Twisting Disc Balance Board – ComfyBear


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Keep doing twists every day, twisting the beautiful legs and waist.

When you are sitting at the desk, watching TV, or reading a book at home , place your feet on the waist, twist flat and massage the reflex zones of the feet regularly,  which can make you more relaxed.


  • ⚡BETTER FEELING OF USE: The foot-shaped embossed granular design features recessed magnets in key sections. Three non-slip pads on the lower part keep it stable, and the shape of the human foot is user-friendly to make it more comfortable to walk on. 
  • ⚡FOOT MASSAGE: The wavy disc will massage and stimulate the meridian points on the soles of your feet and do good for health. The interior is ruggedly constructed and the steel balls provide strength and durability. 
  • ⚡FACILE USE: With this turntable, you can twist your waist to narrow your stomach, hips and thighs, and massage your feet and stimulate blood circulation. 


  • Color: purple/pink/green/red

  • Size: 27cm/10.62in in diameter, 4cm/1.57in in thickness

  • Bearing weight: 120kg / 264.55lb

  • Material: ABS engineering plastics, steel balls, magnets

  • Effect: thin waist, abdomen, beautiful legs, shaping


  1. When you are sitting in the office, or watching TV or reading a book at home, place your feet on the fitness plate and often massage the reflex area of the soles of your feet, which can effectively eliminate fatigue and promote good health.

  2. Stretch out your arms, cross your head, and twist for 5-10 minutes a day to achieve the effect of breast enhancement, fat reduction, and bodybuilding.

  3. Extend your arms, one arm up vertically, then twist left and right, repeat the exercise, you can lose fat on the waist and abdomen.

  4. Bend the body vertically, and then twist it left and right, which helps increase lung capacity.

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green, pink, Purple, Red


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